• French lantern
    French lantern

    Rare round model, little shabby but that gives him his charm
    32cm high

  • Gnom

    Ik hou hiervan. Heb ze zelf ook in de tuin staan. Te zwaar om te versturen helaas. Misschien kan je deze ook nog weer werkend krijgen

    I love these funny old things, To heavy to send unfortanaly.

    € 55,00 € 30,00
  • Gold wire
    Gold wire

    From france, nice for decoration
    11cm high

    € 7,50 € 5,50
  • Really shabby bodice/ cape
    Really shabby bodice/ cape

    Really shabby bodice, its torn and broken but still so beautiful. I love the colours, its from my private collection. Also beautiful on a mannequin

    Heftig sleetse bodice. Het weer zit er in, hij scheurt op allerlei plekken maar…

    € 129,00 € 85,00
  • French ornaments
    French ornaments

    Mooie set, setprijs

    Nice set

    € 32,50 € 15,00
  • Old cast iron water trough
    Old cast iron water trough

    Very heavy so shipping aboard will cost more. Nice on the wall with some flowers
    29cm deep

    € 30,00 € 20,00
  • Pigeon basket
    Pigeon basket

    Beautiful basket for traveling pigeons, real nice outside or under a sidetable. Has to be picked up
    121cm wide
    65cm deep
    30,5cm high

    € 55,00 € 40,00
  • Zinc tile
    Zinc tile

    Beautiful zinc tile, wonderful for behind your stove or anything

    € 79,00 € 69,00
  • French ornaments
    French ornaments

    Never seen them as beautiful as this, they are little different from eachother but so beautiful. Nice on every side of your bed
    per one 37cm high

    € 249,00 € 219,00
  • Gnom 2
    Gnom 2

    Ik hou hiervan. Heb ze zelf ook in de tuin staan. Te zwaar om te versturen helaas.

    to heavy to send, but i love it in a garden or something

    50cm high

    € 60,00 € 30,00
  • Very big vase
    Very big vase

    Very very big vase, i cant lift it alone. Cant be send only picked up
    39cm high and 45cm diameter

    € 195,00 € 175,00
  • Industrial E
    Industrial E

    Very light letter E, I think its zinc maybe?

    € 15,00 € 10,00
  • Ornament

    Small ornament, very nice for decoration

    € 13,50 € 10,00
  • Beautiful bottles
    Beautiful bottles

    Wonderful blue bottles with little bubbles in the glass. Price per one. Not old

    Super leuke blauwe flesjes. Met allemaal bubbeltjes in het glas. Ik vond ze zo mooi. Niet oud! Prijs per stuk

    € 4,50 € 3,00
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