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  • Sold

    Portret little boy
    Portret little boy

    Beautiful portret, childrens portrets are more rare

    35,5x 46,5 cm

  • Sold

    Wired cabinet
    Wired cabinet

    Nice wired cabinet, nice in your toilet or on your sink with herbs

    37 cm wide

    28cm deep

    68,5 high

  • Little ornament
    Little ornament

    Nice ornament, nice for/in a small window
    22cm wide and 23cm high

  • French candlestick
    French candlestick

    Beautiful candlestick ( left one) one side is more old green and the other side is more white
    43cm high

  • Low table
    Low table

    Higher price, very beautiful, colours and size, everything is right. Beautiful to create high and low at your coffetable, or next to your sofa. I have trouble selling it, love it very much

    One place has 3 new nails because one…

  • Angel from private collection
    Angel from private collection

    Im going to sell almost all my angels and candlesticks. Attention, this angel has been glued once. But in a very good way, you wouldnt notice. Its only missing a little piece in the back, thats shows on second picture.

    31cm high

  • Antique kingfisher
    Antique kingfisher

    Attention, he lost one wing at transport, thats why I selling it for this price. Maybe you know a taxidermist to repair it. Kingfisher are very rare to find antique and stuffed.


  • Beautiful little cabinet
    Beautiful little cabinet

    Great size, not to deep. Fits everywhere. No sending abroad
    87cm wide
    17,5cm deep
    90,5cn high

  • Handmade pillow
    Handmade pillow

    Very cool pillow, beautiful lady. Very unique piece

  • textile fan box
    textile fan box

    Beautiful fan box, both are in shabby shape but very special

  • Spittoon

    Remarkable shape but still beautiful


  • Tough crate
    Tough crate

    No sending abroad, to heavy

    Beautiful with plants in your garden or in a clean modern kitchen
    101cm wide
    29cm deep
    14cm high

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