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  • French curtains
    French curtains

    Beautiful old curtains, not a lot of fabric on it and the wood is dameged because of wood wurm, but still beautiful in a kitchen or bedroom. Setprice .. sending can be expensive because they are over a meter

    102cm wide and rolled…

  • Wonderful cabinet
    Wonderful cabinet

    What a beauty, very cool with your tableware or books. Has to be picked up!

    105cm wide
    150cm high
    37,5cm deep

  • Wonderful ornament
    Wonderful ornament

    Wonderful eyecatcher for your home, patio or garden, cant be sended, has to be picked up

    180cm breed en 197cm hoog

  • Industrial trolley
    Industrial trolley

    I love this one, wish i could keep it but our home is to small for it. Lovely in your kitchen with bread, onions etc or in the livingroom with plants or anything. Cant be shipped has to be picked up!

    95cm breed
    74cm hoog

  • Beautiful vase
    Beautiful vase

    Very nice vase from my own collection. For shipping abroad, shipping cost will be more because its very heavy

  • French hocker
    French hocker

    I love this one, when i bought it it was yellow and ugly, spend much hours on it. You have to love shabby when you buy is because its in good state but has a shabby look

  • Jielde one arm
    Jielde one arm

    Beautiful white rare Jielde, has been rewired and cleaned

  • French dish
    French dish

    I never buy anything with colour but what a beauty is this! Couldnt leave it, had to go home with me

    38cm wide

  • Basket

    Never seen this small, are in shabby state but still strong

    36cm wide
    44cm high (stacked)
    30cm deep

  • Light P
    Light P

    Wonderful light letter, most of the time thick metal and very heavy, this P is very light

    26cm high

  • Beautiful spittoon
    Beautiful spittoon

    Harder and harder to find and/ or to buy, are getting very expensive and rare

  • 2 dishes
    2 dishes

    Beautiful and sober, setprice

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