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  • Heavenly weather beaten jar
    Heavenly weather beaten jar

    I love jars like this, browner then brown, almost purple. Wonderful with a little bouquet
    16cm high

  • Step j2
    Step j2

    Handy for every room in your home
    40cm wide
    22,5cm high
    ​21cm deep

  • Boch jug
    Boch jug

    Nice little weather beaten jung. Nice with a spring bouquet
    14,5cm high

    € 22,50
  • sold


    Beautiful hocker, Attetion: see second picture.. the hocker has some green stains.
    49cm high

  • sold

    Plastic Cloche
    Plastic Cloche

    So cool, never seen them before in plastic. Very nice on a kitchen cabinet or in your garden.

    34cm high

  • sold

    Step j8
    Step j8

    You can never have enough of these i think. Especially with the kids we use them everywhere in our home.
    35cm wide
    23cm deep
    22cm high

  • Dish regout
    Dish regout

    Nice big dish, perfect for salads or tasty cookies when you have visitors.

  • sold

    Wasp mannequin
    Wasp mannequin

    Beautiful mannequin from my own collection with very very tiny waist. Sending is no problem
    63cm high

  • Big linen blanket
    Big linen blanket

    Tough linen but beautiful for on your bed, very nig unique size

  • Set bowls
    Set bowls

    Beautiful set, price for the two

  • sold

    Weather beaten jar
    Weather beaten jar

    I love these kind of jars, place them with your other ironstone and it will look beautiful
    13,5cm high

  • 3 bowls
    3 bowls

    Setprice, fit nice with the other bowls I placed online

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