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  • Big step
    Big step

    Really lovely and handy size

  • Weather beaten terrine
    Weather beaten terrine

    Love this one, the weather beaten colour purple is so nice.

  • Cuttingboard

    Nice cuttingboard, you cant have enough of these

  • Slightly weather beaten dish
    Slightly weather beaten dish

    Great size and colour, nice for fruits

  • Sober rack
    Sober rack

    I love this racks, beautiful sober, very nice for bags

  • Weather beaten dish
    Weather beaten dish

    Love this big marked dish, nice with some snacks but also beautiful in your cabinet

  • Beautiful step
    Beautiful step

    Love this steps, look good in every interior

    42cm wide, 22cm high and 22 cm deep

  • Wired rack
    Wired rack

    I love this wired racks, I prefer them in the kitchen or bathroom.

    44cm wide

  • Beautiful hocker
    Beautiful hocker

    Getting more and more expensive, not nice for me to have the shipping work from, not enough profit, but I want to keep trying to offer them to you. Beautiful with a table to sit on, or at the sofa as an extra table

    seat is…

  • Dog for little candle
    Dog for little candle

    Small dog for little candle. 10cm high

  • Beautiful mirror
    Beautiful mirror

    From my own collection


  • Shabby Hocker
    Shabby Hocker

    I will always choose the roughest ones. When you have a basis or light home these will give warmth and charm to a space.

    € 35,00
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