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  • Spittoon blueish
    Spittoon blueish

    Nice spittoon, missing one leg but thats not rare, nice rusty legs what gives him charm

  • French paint bucket
    French paint bucket

    I love the pale colour from this one, beautiful for plants or cutlery
    19cm high and 17cm diameter

  • Tray

    Nice tray in beautiful pale colour
    34cm wide on top & 26cm wide bottom
    17cm deep bottom and 26cm deep on top
    ​9cm high

  • Set linen
    Set linen

    Little stack of linen, beautiful to decorate with and big enough to make pillows from. Setprice

  • Sold

    Stuffed swan
    Stuffed swan

    Beautiful swan, cant be send! When you touch her she looses some feathers, so no cuddling ;) not entierly white, look at the last picture

    95cm wide


  • Mirror

    The one above on the left, little rusty frame what I like.

    58cm wide

    24cm high

  • Cool baskets
    Cool baskets

    2 in stock, price per one. Cant send together so when you order 2 you pay 2 times shipping.

    54cm deep

    43cm wide

    48,5 high

  • Sold

    little fur
    little fur

    Little fur, great for a chair or next to your bed


  • Sold

    Cool box
    Cool box

    Nice for so many things, love the colour and numbers

    44.5 cm wide

    14.5cm high

    21cm deep

  • Ornament

    Beautiful ornament from france, was a long time in my own collection, always finds a spot because of his size
    52cm high

  • Chest

    Beautiful cabinet, great for on your counter with ironstone or on a desk with decorations. Cant be send
    80cm wide
    57cm high
    31cm deep

  • Sold

    Rare yoghourt jug
    Rare yoghourt jug

    Really rare cup, was designed around 1900-1910 as advertising for dairy stores in France, the maker is probably Nimy
    12,5cm high

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