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  • Shabby wasp mannequin
    Shabby wasp mannequin

    I like them this raw, so if dont love shabby and stains this is not the one for you ;)

  • Old bread board
    Old bread board

    Love the shape and colour, will look beautiful in every kitchen

  • Ceiling tile
    Ceiling tile

    Beautiful tile, love it in your kitchen behind the stove or on the wall like we did in our bedroom.

    Sending will be higher because of the size

  • Sold

    Rare jamjars
    Rare jamjars

    Beautiful old jam jars, price per one.

  • Wired rack
    Wired rack

    How lovely is this one, for multiple purposes

    60cm high, 25cm high and 20cm deep

  • Wired box
    Wired box

    I don't know how to call it in English but its great for soap a cloth in your kitchen or toilet.

    19cm wide and 13cm high

  • Mini step
    Mini step

    Great little step. Fits almost everywhere.

    34,5 cm wide 19cm high 15,5 deep

  • Wooden box
    Wooden box

    Nice little wooden box, perfect for decoration

  • Weather beaten jug
    Weather beaten jug

    I love the patina on this one. Beautiful for late summer flowers

  • Step k4
    Step k4

    Beautiful step with nice patina.

  • Old zebra
    Old zebra

    Beautiful for decoration

  • Wired basket
    Wired basket

    How nice is this one for you herbs or something!

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