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  • Beautiful vase
    Beautiful vase

    Because of its weight I cant send it, its really heavy, can be picked up
    42cm high

  • Sold

    Huge tray
    Huge tray

    Beautiful big tray, cant be send

    Bottom 56x68 cm

  • Sold

    beautiful table
    beautiful table

    Nice brocante table, cant be send, you can pick it up

    101cm wide

    67 deep

    75 high

  • Sold

    French cuttingboard
    French cuttingboard

    Beautiful cuttingboard, nice thick and a beautiful colour

    52 high and 4cm thick

  • pot

    one left, beautiful with a candle

  • Aquarium

    Lovely to decorate with, Sending is at your own risk.
    41cm wide
    25cm deep
    26cm high

  • Elephant

    Love the charm of this old elephant

  • Iron ornaments
    Iron ornaments

    2 in stock, heavy, price per one

  • Sold

    Shabby hocker
    Shabby hocker

    Thick paint and a beautiful patina I love it
    top 39x39cm
    49cm high

  • Jardiniere

    Love this one, beautiful with christmas with candles and in the summer outside with flowers, or in a big window sill
    Cant be send, has to be picked up
    112cm wide and 19cm high

  • French marmalade jars
    French marmalade jars

    Always nice, in your window sill or on your dining table, price per one

  • French candlestick
    French candlestick

    Beautiful low candlestick, lovely in a group with bigger ones.

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