Everything on this page is already sold and found a new forever home 

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  • Beautiful fur
    Beautiful fur

    I so love this colours and his long hairs! Beautiful fur!

    € 69,00
  • sold

    Old jars
    Old jars

    Setprice, getting more rare every day
    10cm high

  • Old candlestick
    Old candlestick

    Pay attention and look at the second picture. Its missing a piece. But still so much ambiance and the colours are so beautiful
    45,5cm high

  • Wired basket
    Wired basket

    Beautiful for your magazines or with a vase with flowers.
    34cm high

  • sold


    Not old and not new, but very beautiful!

  • Old basket
    Old basket

    So sweet and the colour is very beautiful
    27cm high

  • Elastolin kangaroo
    Elastolin kangaroo

    Has his flaws but still beautiful
    8cm high

  • sold

    French Lantern
    French Lantern

    Missing all of his glass but still very beautiful
    28cm high

  • Cute basket
    Cute basket

    Very cute basket, Tess would use it for grocery shopping ;) Handy as a fruit basket or for your magazines

  • grey fur
    grey fur

    Nice NEW grey fur for on the ground, its not nice on a chair or sofa because the other side has a crispy kind of layer. I love the little curls and the soft colour
    1 meter wide

    € 59,00
  • Beautiful vase
    Beautiful vase

    Nice warm colour, its missing one ornament and the other ornament is not complete
    32cm high

  • Balusters

    Nice big grey balusters. The one is very heavy and the other very light, some animals ate the halve I guess. They have been in my home for 5 years so no residents anymore ;)
    55,5cm high and 10cm deep

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