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  • Sold

    Beautiful hocker
    Beautiful hocker

    Great hocker for your livingroom, diningroom, garden of bedroom

  • Blueish spittoon
    Blueish spittoon

    Beautiful big model, not all the legs are stillt here but thats rare lately

  • Big bowl
    Big bowl

    Beautiful big old bowl

    € 22,50
  • Spittoon

    Nice patina, very hard to find lately but so beautitful

  • Mini terrine
    Mini terrine

    Little terrine, beautiful in your cabinet with the big ones

  • Marmalade jars
    Marmalade jars

    Old french marmalade jars. Price per one

  • Beautiful cloche
    Beautiful cloche

    I love the colour, the charm of it. With a stamp

  • Painting goat
    Painting goat

    Nice painting of a goat printed

  • Big bowl
    Big bowl

    Big beautiful bowl

  • Spittoon

    Beautiful colour spittoon, I love this one!

  • Unique Terrine
    Unique Terrine

    Beautiful terrine, see the second picture, one handle is broken and made in a remarkable way

  • Old  mirror
    Old mirror

    Beautiful old mirror


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