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  • Turkish bread board M2
    Turkish bread board M2

    Wonderful big breadboard, great flat on a table or standing on your kitchen. Also nice on the floor, brings warmth in a room


  • Jug

    Nice jug, the left one on the pictures, great in a group or with some flowers from your garden

    13,5cm high

  • Paper mache box
    Paper mache box

    Beautiful old box from paper mache, great material for decoration


  • Verkocht

    Little Turkish breadboard M9
    Little Turkish breadboard M9

    Nice thick one, beautiful on your kitchen sink!

    50highx25,5 wide and 3cm thick

  • Turkish bread board M5
    Turkish bread board M5

    Normally very very expensive but I could buy a few afforadble ones

    51cm diameter

  • Verkocht

    Wired hook
    Wired hook

    Beautiful wired hook. So nice thin made..

    One side is broken

    64 cm wide

  • Sold

    Portret little boy
    Portret little boy

    Beautiful portret, childrens portrets are more rare

    35,5x 46,5 cm

  • Beautiful zinc box
    Beautiful zinc box

    Very nice, Nice with a plate with an Hydrangea

    28cm high

    28,5 deep including front piece

    30,5 cm wide

  • Sold

    Wired cabinet
    Wired cabinet

    Nice wired cabinet, nice in your toilet or on your sink with herbs

    37 cm wide

    28cm deep

    68,5 high

  • Set old jars
    Set old jars

    Beautiful old set jars. Setprice

    7cm high

  • French portraits
    French portraits

    Beautiful set portraits. Wonderfull style. Not sending them abroad. Prefer picking up
    per one 54cm wide and 65cm high

  • Rusty can
    Rusty can

    Nice rusty can, nice for decoration
    27cm wide and 10cm high

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