• Pink step D3
    Pink step D3

    Lovely colour!

    € 27,50
  • Beautiful wooden box
    Beautiful wooden box

    No sending abroad, to long.

    Beautiful for little candles or things on your sink

    € 39,00
  • Wooden box
    Wooden box

    Attention, the handle has been glued, but still nice in your kitchen or window sill

    € 13,50
  • Old mirror
    Old mirror

    Love the colour and the size, alsno nice in a group

    € 27,50
  • Little step
    Little step

    Beautiful small size step

    € 27,50
  • Hocker k5
    Hocker k5

    Beautiful hocker
    Seat 40cmx39,5cm and 48,5cm high

    € 35,00
  • Hocker K1
    Hocker K1

    Beautiful Hocker, with a greyish color tone

    € 35,00
  • French hocker
    French hocker

    Beautiful unique hocker, heavy so sending can be expensive

    € 49,00
  • Nice step
    Nice step

    Nice low old Dutch step. I like the simplicity of this one

    17cm high

    32cm wide

    20cm deep

    € 25,00
  • Turkish table
    Turkish table

    Found another one, very unique table, beautiful next to your sofa. No sending abroad only picking up or sending in the netherlands

    25cm high, 81,5 wide and 51cm deep

    € 89,00
  • Beautiful french window
    Beautiful french window

    I imagine it in a beautiful garden grown with wild roses or in your livingroom, has to be picked up.

    € 95,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    Special chair, never seen this model before, its a little bit wider then a normal chair. Its not useable, only for decoration. Beautiful in your garden of your home. Cant be send abroad
    91,5cm high and 46cm deep

    € 95,00
  • French table
    French table

    Beautiful french table, cant be send
    71cm high
    50cm diameter top

    € 79,00
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