• Beautiful french window
    Beautiful french window

    I imagine it in a beautiful garden grown with wild roses or in your livingroom, has to be picked up.

    € 95,00
  • French Wine table
    French Wine table

    Beautiful wine table, has worm holes, has been treated. Needs to be picked up
    67cm high
    ​99cm diameter

    € 95,00
  • Shelve

    Look at picture 2, it has some worm holes but I have treated it. Love the colour. Nice size for any room

    49cmwide 17,5cm deep and 57,5 high

    € 59,00
  • Antique french chair
    Antique french chair

    Special chair, never seen this model before, its a little bit wider then a normal chair. Its not useable, only for decoration. Beautiful in your garden of your home. Cant be send abroad
    91,5cm high and 46cm deep

    € 95,00
  • Cool table
    Cool table

    I have two of these tables and I always get responses of: if you ever want to sell them. I found one on a buying trip, Wonderful with your sofa or in the garden

    83 diameter x 36cm high

    € 95,00
  • Beautiful ladder
    Beautiful ladder

    No sending abroad, to big and heavy

    Beautiful ladder for your linnen in the bathroom or your plaids in the living
    151cm high and 78cm wide

    € 79,00
  • Hocker

    Beautiful hocker, one leg is missing a little part but it's still strong

    40x40 and 50cm high

    € 35,00
  • Little chest
    Little chest

    beautiful chest, not really really old but nice charme, not sending abroad because of the weight

    € 55,00
  • Beautiful hocker
    Beautiful hocker

    Great hocker for your livingroom, diningroom, garden of bedroom

    € 35,00
  • Really cool table
    Really cool table

    I bought two of them, think they are very nice, one for myself one for the shop. I cant send them, has to be picked up
    top is 70x70cm and its 62cm high

    € 79,00
  • French table
    French table

    Beautiful french table, cant be send
    71cm high
    50cm diameter top

    € 79,00
  • Box

    Really cool box for for example magazines, the inside is more worn then the outside
    61cm deep
    36cm high
    40cm wide

    € 39,00
  • Step j2
    Step j2

    Handy for every room in your home
    40cm wide
    22,5cm high
    ​21cm deep

  • Bistro table
    Bistro table

    Very neat one, cant be send!
    56cm diameter of the top
    72cm high

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