• Weather beaten jar
    Weather beaten jar

    Nice jar, lovely patina
    10cm high

    € 12,50
  • 2 bowls
    2 bowls

    Setprice for the two, nice on a stack

  • little jug
    little jug

    Nice little jug, left one 9,5cm high

    € 15,00
  • Thick wooden cuttingboard
    Thick wooden cuttingboard

    I can never leave them, thick, warm colour wood, brings so much warmth in a kitchen, you can never have enough
    42cm high
    27cm wide
    4,5cm thick

    € 45,00
  • Boch jug
    Boch jug

    Nice little weather beaten jung. Nice with a spring bouquet
    14,5cm high

    € 22,50
  • Dish regout
    Dish regout

    Nice big dish, perfect for salads or tasty cookies when you have visitors.

    € 16,50
  • Wooden pestle
    Wooden pestle

    Beautiful colour from this wooden pestle. I love this kind of decoration in a kitchen, give so much personality

    € 9,95
  • Set bowls
    Set bowls

    Beautiful set, price for the two

    € 30,00
  • 3 bowls
    3 bowls

    Setprice, fit nice with the other bowls I placed online

    € 32,50
  • Cuttingboard

    Nice big hole so very handy to hang on your kitchen shelf

  • French blue bowl
    French blue bowl

    Very nice bowl, some chips and spots but that gives the bowl his charm

    € 14,50
  • Cutting boards
    Cutting boards

    Harder and harder to find but got 3 last weekend. Price per one

    € 17,50
  • weather beaten jug
    weather beaten jug

    Beautiful jug
    18,5cm high

    € 35,00
  • Big mug
    Big mug

    Great colours, would love to have it in my kitchen
    12,5cm high

    € 29,50
  • Jug Boch
    Jug Boch

    Its the middle one on the first picture, from Boch

    9,5cm high

    € 15,00
  • Marked dish
    Marked dish

    24cm handle till handle. Marked dish, beautiful with cookies or something

    € 17,50
  • Dish regout
    Dish regout

    nice size for cookies or treats

    handle till handle 25cm diameter

    € 17,50
  • Dish

    Marked dish, lovely for cookies or other treats

    € 17,50
  • Weather beaten sirop jug
    Weather beaten sirop jug

    Beautiful weather beaten jug

    11cm high

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